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Alkiza is located on the foothills of legendary Mount Ernio. It is wonderful to see the Gothic church of San Martín that was builded in  1300 and has been recently restored, it is located in the town square. Close to it there is a boarding school and next to the church we can find a viewpoint with spectacular panoramic views and a climbing wall. In the village there is a bar-restaurant.

Near the town you can find many mashrooms.


Ernio mountain give to the tourists a very good oportunity to practise hiking and you have some diferent roads plenty of curosities and wonderfull places to see.


The festivities are on 8 September (Virgen del Coro). San Martin (11 November) is also celebrated with traditional pig slaughter. (


BEANS : During Autumn and Winter is very typical to eat the beans that are grown in many villages in the region of Tolosa . You can taste them in many of the restaurants near us.

Restaurant in ALKIZA: Tasting beans during the season: Accommodation: 943691836.

CHEESE OF SHIPHEARD: Martintxiki (Tolosa) Tel: 943 654 641 y Arreta (Beizama) Tel: 943 815 951..




The name of Tolosa is closelly linked to its carnival, which has endured from all sorts of prohibitions and whose origins are locates two centuries ago. For six days the whole town shuts down and change the dresses and live on the street with great buzz and joy.

There is a tourist office in Plaza Santa María of Tolosa. All information on: (

You can buy souvenirs of the Basque Country calling Iñaki Gorostidi: 943692264 (Aduna).

In this museum there is an interesting collection of utensils for confectionery and chandlery. Pieces dating from the fourteenth century before the use of electricity as an energy source. (

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