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Contact: Axun and Jose Ignacio.

- Telephone: 943 691 264

The palatial residence Lete is located in Alkiza, 100m from the Church of San Martin. This residence is considered hisctorical heritage. It was built before 1600, although there is nos any document before this date. It has been restored.It has four floors. Downstairs is a block.

 The family lives on the first floor and the second floor guests have at their disposal a large lounge with TV and library. All furnishings are vintage, which gives the house an aspect of museum.


In Lete you can find agriculture and livestock (cows, sheep, chickens, ..) and  we have artisanal cider that is home made ​​. Farmhouse products are also sold (beans, cheese, vegetables, ..)



In Alkiza you can find a playground, gothic church of St. Martin builded in the thirteenth century,  panoramic views...  The legendary mountain Ernio is closed to the farmhouse.The village has a restaurant. It is a steakhouses where you can taste typical dishes made with products from the farm.

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